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Born June 10th, 1958 in Oakland, Ca. Rick has grown up through the 60's & 70's. He spent most of his time in the 80's hanging out at local punk/new wave clubs. In 1990 he found his way to KALX radio, the U.C. Berkeley station. He proceeded to hone his dj style on the air for about 15 years. Sylvain was hosting the live show (he helped start in 1995) for three years until 1999.

Rick Arroyo (Sylvain) began producing & directing a weekly music video show in 1993, 'Live with Rick Sylvain'. It's ran weekly on a few local cable access stations for eight years until 2000. He enjoyed playing local artists as well as some popular favorites from the 80's. This also kept him keep up to date with new music.

Sylvain began to dj professionally at the Ruby room in Oakland, where he enjoys seeing the crowd reaction to his sellections and their requests.

He married fellow KALX dj 'Anne with an E' and gave birth to their only child Charlotte Theresa on March 5th, 2001.

Together they started 'vainman productions' ( This business started as a dj for hire, (weddings, parties, etc.) they have expanded to the internet. This site has information regarding dj booking information, with sample dj playlists.

Rick Sylvain plays music from his personnal collection. Music is his life and you can hear the difference.

Rick Sylvain currently works as a union commercial/industrial heat & frost insulator.

Rick has also served in the Army Corp of Engineers, from 1977-80.

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