Richard (Rick Sylvain) Arroyo


Rick's pictures


I DJ-ed a wedding and the speaker of the house and Former SF mayor were there. (photo taken in the dark with my iPhone)


Yes I Got the iPhone 6/29/07!


Our New Hybrid Civic!


Rick DJ's at the Flying Horse Winery


Rick DJ's in a tuxedo


dj picture in black and white


Marina High School Track Team Photo as High Hurdler


Corp of Engineers as a 'Bridge Specialist'


Working Hard for the Money


Ricky on a pony for his birthday


Ricky, Don Peterson, John Peterson, Arnie Arroyo and two other friends in background


Rick with Wally from Oregon at KALX


Rick and Anne at the first SG Prom in 2002


Anne and Rick June 27th, 1997


Rick at his 1975 Junior Prom (with Cindy Hauser)


the photo that started it all taken by NoNo


working at Residents Hall at UCB


the Gay Photoshop version


the drawing that launched a thousand stickers


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