Punk Rock Music

Fall Children -A.F.I.

Halloween -A.F.I.

The Boy Who Destroyed The World -A.F.I.

Total Immortal -A.F.I.

Two Of A Kind -A.F.I.

Half-Empty Bottle -A.F.I.

I Wanna Get A Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One) -A.F.I.

Brownie Bottom Sundae - A.F.I.

Rizzo In The Box -A.F.I.

Your Name Here - A.F.I.

Ny-Quil -A.F.I.

Girl's Not Grey -A.F.I.

Silver and Cold -A.F.I.

This Celluloid Dream -A.F.I.

Ever And A Day -A.F.I.

Of Greetings And Goodbyes -A.F.I.

He Who Laughs Last... -A.F.I.

Gary Gilmore's Eyes -Adverts

Safety In Numbers -Adverts

Bored Teenagers - Adverts

I Surrender -Adverts

One Chord Wonders -Adverts

Want Dead -Angry Amputees

Holding On -Angry Amputees

No Mercy -Angry Amputees

Psycho Bitch -Angry Amputees

Vanity For Blackout -Angry Amputees

She Said... -Angry Amputees

Dubya -Angry Amputees

Put Me To Bed -Angry Amputees

Bad Luck -Angry Amputees

Fistfighting -Angry Amputees

She's Got It All -Angry Amputees

Suck My Left One -Bikini Kill

Rebel Girl -Bikini Kill

Rebel Girl -Bikini Kill

TV Party -Black Flag

I don't like mondays -Boomtown rats

Cool Schmool - Bratmobile

Love Battery -Buzzcocks

I'm A Jerk -Buzzcocks

Just Lust -Buzzcocks

I Believe -Buzzcocks

Noise Annoys -Buzzcocks

What Do I Get -Buzzcocks

Homosapien - Buzzcocks

Oh Shit! -Buzzcocks

Orgasm Addict -Buzzcocks

Food Is Feeling -Carey's Problem

Somewhere A Child Is Crying -Carey's Problem

Kiss Daddy Goodnight -Carey's Problem

Jesus Touched Me -Carey's Problem

Suicidal Teenage Landscape -Carey's Problem

Snap-E-Tom -Carey's Problem

Deny Everything -Circle Jerks

I Just Want Some Skank -Circle Jerks

Beverly Hills -Circle Jerks

Operation -Circle Jerks

Back Against The Wall -Circle Jerks

Wasted -Circle Jerks

Behind The Door -Circle Jerks

World Up My Ass -Circle Jerks

Paid Vacation -Circle Jerks

Don't Care -Circle Jerks

Live Fast Die Young -Circle Jerks

What's Your Problem -Circle Jerks

Group Sex -Circle Jerks

Red Tape -Circle Jerks

Wild In The Streets -Circle Jerks

Leave Me Alone -Circle Jerks

Stars And Stripes -Circle Jerks

86'd (Good As Gone) -Circle Jerks

Meet The Press -Circle Jerks

Trapped -Circle Jerks

Murder -Circle Jerks

Letter Bomb -Circle Jerks

Question Authority -Circle Jerks

Defammation Innuendo -Circle Jerks

Moral Majority -Circle Jerks

Forced Labor -Circle Jerks

Political Stu -Circle Jerks

Just Like Me -Circle Jerks

Put A Little Love In Your Heart -Circle Jerks

Straight To Hell -Clash

Police On My Back -Clash

I Fought The Law -Clash

Police and Thieves -Clash

Bankrobber -Clash

Rock the Casbah -Clash

Should I Stay Or Should I Go -Clash

This Is Radio Clash -Clash

White Riot -Clash

London Calling -The Clash

Brand New Cadillac-The Clash

Jimmy Jazz - The Clash

Hateful -The Clash

Rudie Can't Fail -The Clash

Spanish Bombs - The Clash

The Right Profile -The Clash

Lost in the Supermarket -The Clash

Clampdown -Clash

The Guns of Brixton -The Clash

Wrong 'Em Boyo -The Clash

Death or Glory -The Clash

Koka Kola -The Clash

The Card Cheat - The Clash

Lover's Rock -The Clash

Four Horsemen -The Clash

I'm Not Down -The Clash

Revolution Rock -The Clash

Train in Vain (Stand by Me) -The Clash

The Magnificent Seven -The Clash

All The Drugs - Courtney Love

Zeppelin Song -Courtney Love

Almost Golden -Courtney Love

But Julian, I'm A Little Bit Older Than You-Courtney Love

I'd Do Anything -Courtney Love

Life Despite God -Courtney Love

Never Gonna Be The Same -Courtney Love

Sunset Strip -Courtney Love

Uncool -Courtney Love

Sweet Ones -Courtney Love

America's_Sweetheart -Courtney Love

Malibu -Courtney Love

Message to Bradley Nowell -Courtney Love

hold onto me -Courtney Love

too young to date -D-day

Jet Boy, Jet Girl -Damned

Neat Neat Neat -Damned

New Rose -Damned

Love Song -Damned

Machine Gun Etiquette -Damned

Sick Of This And That -Damned

Eloise -Damned

Grimly fiendish -Damned

smash it up -Damned

Too Drunk To Fuck -Dead Kennedys

Soup Is Good Food -Dead Kennedys

This Could Be Anywhere -Dead Kennedys

A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch -Dead Kennedys

Jock-O-Rama -Dead Kennedys

MTV - Get Off The Air -Dead Kennedys

Stars And Stripes Of Corruption -Dead Kennedys

I Fought The Law -Dead Kennedys

Holiday In Cambodia -Dead Kennedys

Police Truck -Dead Kennedys

Kill the Poor -Dead Kennedys

Back In Rhodesia -Dead Kennedys

Man With The Dogs -Dead Kennedys

Gaslight -Dead Kennedys

California Uber Alles -Dead Kennedys

Ill In the Head -Dead Kennedys

Straight A's -Dead Kennedys

Short Songs -Dead Kennedys

Holiday In Cambodia -Dead Kennedys

Forward To Death -Dead Kennedys

Have I the Right -Dead Kennedys

Back in the USSR -Dead Kennedys

Viva Las Vegas -Dead Kennedys

Banana Splits -Dickies

Give it back -Dickies

You Drive Me Ape (you big go.. -Dickies

Gigantor -The Dickies

Faster & Louder -Dictators

Baby, Let's Twist -Dictators

No Tomorrow -Dictators

The Minnesota Strip -Dictators

Stay With Me -Dictators

I Stand Tall - Dictators

Borneo Jimmy - Dictators

What It Is -Dictators

Slow Death - Dictators

Oh Serena -The Distillers

LA Girl -The Distillers

Girlfixer -The Distillers

Message -Eddie Haskells

Steal n' Squeal -Eddie Haskells

Ghost -Eddie Haskells

It's Goin' Down -Eddie Haskells

Radio Video -Eddie Haskells

Teenage Kicks - Eddie Haskells

Get Off -Electric Frankenstein

Just Can't Kick -Electric Frankenstein

Hate Machine -Electric Frankenstein

Third Generation Nation -Electric Frankenstein

Graveyard Dragrace -Electric Frankenstein

Takin' You Down -Electric Frankenstein

Fistful Of Rock -Electric Frankenstein

Annie's Grave -Electric Frankenstein

My Father's Son -Electric Frankenstein

Backs Against The Wall -Electric Frankenstein

The Perfect Crime (Live) -Electric Frankenstein

Think Of Me -The Eyeliners

Destroy - The Eyeliners

The Promise - The Eyeliners

Voice Of Reason -The Eyeliners

Can't Get Enough -The Eyeliners

Bleed Til Today -The Eyeliners

Next Big Thing -The Eyeliners

No Apologies -The Eyeliners

Do Anything You Wanna Do -The Eyeliners

Hanging On -The Eyeliners

Disappointed -The Eyeliners

Mea Culpa -The Eyeliners

Streets and Avenues -The Eyeliners

Sealed With a Kiss -The Eyeliners

Play It Again -The Eyeliners

It Could Have Been You -The Eyeliners

Too Good to be True -The Eyeliners

I Could Never Hate You -The Eyeliners

Bad Luck Charm -The Eyeliners

Something to Say -The Eyeliners

When Will I See You Again? -The Eyeliners

Wishing on a Star -The Eyeliners

I'd Do It All Over Again -The Eyeliners

Everything's Alright -The Eyeliners

Finished With You -The Eyeliners

Eniwetok - Eyes

Disneyland -Eyes

taqn -Eyes

TAQN -Eyes

Next Big Joyride -Fabulous Disaster

My Addition -Fabulous Disaster

Yesterday's Gone -Fabulous Disaster

Rich Bitches In Volvos Piss Me Off -Fabulous Disaster

Black & Blue -Fabulous Disaster

Let's Have A War -Fear

Beef Baloney -Fear

Camarillo -Fear

I Don't Care About You -Fear

New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones -Fear

Gimme Some Action -Fear

Foreign Policy -Fear

We Destroy The Family -Fear

I Love Livin' In The City -Fear

Disconnected -Fear

We Got To Get Out Of This Place -Fear

Fresh Flesh -Fear

Getting The Brush -Fear

No More Nothing -Fear

Damaged Goods (EMI Version) -Gang Of Four

Dancing With Myself -Generation X

Blackout -Goodfellas

Retard Girl -Hole

Phone Bill Song -Hole

Turpentine -Hole

Celebrity Skin -Hole

What A Wonderful World -Joey Ramone

Tommy gun -Justin Sane

Love like Blood -Killing Joke

gas chamber -L7

Forkboy -Lard

Glance Inside -Loose Change

Don't Want You -Lunachicks

20 Eyes -The Misfits

I Turned into a Martian -The Misfits

All Hell Breaks Loose -The Misfits

Vampira -The Misfits

Nike A Go Go -The Misfits

Hatebreeders -The Misfits

Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight (Live) -The Misfits

Night of the Living Dead -The Misfits

Skulls -The Misfits

Violent World -The Misfits

Devils Whorehouse -The Misfits

Astro Zombies -The Misfits

Braineaters -The Misfits

That's When I Reach For My Revolver -Mission of Burma

Don't Go Breaking My Heart -The Mr. T Experience

At Gilman Street -The Mr. T Experience

Hell Of Dumb -The Mr. T Experience

I Don't Like You -The Muffs

Get Me Out of Here -The Muffs

You Can Cry If You Want -The Muffs

I Don't Like You -The Muffs

Guilty - The Muffs

Right in the Eye -The Muffs

Beat Your Heart Out -The Muffs

Sick of You -The Muffs

Kids in America -The Muffs

Do the Robot -The Muffs

Punk Rawk Show -MxPx

just head -Nervous eaters

Personality Crisis -New York Dolls

The Idiots Are Taking Over -NOFX

Kill All The White Man -NOFX

Knowledge -Operation Ivy

Big Yellow Taxi -Pinhead Gunpowder

gigantic -Pixies

This Monkeys Gone To Heaven -Pixies

there is no love between us anymore -Pop Will Eat Itself

Public Image -Public Image Limited

Rockaway Beach -Ramones

I Don't Care -Ramones

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker -Ramones

Teenage Lobotomy -Ramones

Do You Wanna Dance -Ramones

I Wanna Be Well -Ramones

Ramona -Ramones

Surfin' Bird -Ramones

Needles And Pins -Ramones

I Wanna Be Sedated -Ramones

Go Mental -Ramones

She's The One -Ramones

Bad Brain -Ramones

It's A Long Way Back -Ramones

Yea, Yea -Ramones

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker -Ramones

Do You Wanna Dance? -Ramones

Blitzkrieg Bop -Ramones

I Wanna Be Sedated -Ramones

Rock N Roll High School -Ramones

Spider Man Theme -Ramones

rock and roll high school - Ramones

Fall Back Down -Rancid

Radio -Rancid

Salvation -Rancid

Gilligans Island (punk cover) -Rancid

Misunderstood -Screw 32

Last Drop -Screw 32

Section 8 -Screw 32

Old Idea New Head -Screw 32

Tools For The Job -Screw 32

Everybody'S Problem -Screw 32

Speed Freak -Screw 32

Blind Spot -Screw 32

Ellen James -Screw 32

In Harm'S Own Way -Screw 32

Liberty -Screw 32

Guilty Conscience -Screw 32

Tightrope -Screw 32

Bandwagon -Screw 32

10 Percent -Screw 32

Johnny B. Goode/Road Runner -Sex Pistols

Anarchy In The U.K./God Save The Queen/Pretty Vacant/No One Is Innocent (Medley) -Sex Pistols

Anarchy In The U.K. -Sex Pistols

Substitute -Sex Pistols

Don't Gimme No Lip Child -Sex Pistols

(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone -Sex Pistols

L'Anarchie Pour Le U.K. -Sex Pistols

Belsen Was A Gas [Live] -Sex Pistols

Einmal Belsen War Wirflich Bortrefflich (Belsen Vos A Gassa) -Sex Pistols

Silly Thing -Sex Pistols

My Way - Sex Pistols

I Wanna Be Me - Sex Pistols

Something Else -Sex Pistols

Rock Around The Clock -Sex Pistols

Lonely Boy -Sex Pistols

No One Is Innocent -Sex Pistols

C'mon Everybody -Sex Pistols

EMI (Orchestra Version) -Sex Pistols

The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle -Sex Pistols

Friggin' In The Riggin' -Sex Pistols

You Need Hands -Sex Pistols

Who Killed Bambi -Sex Pistols

helter skelter -Siouxsie and the Banshees

Let's Hear It For Love -The Smoking Popes

Prison Bound -Social Distortion

Highway 101 -Social Distortion

Reach for the Sky -Social Distortion

99 To Life -Social Distortion

Ball and Chain -Social Distortion

Pretty In Pink -Social Distortion

Ring Of Fire -Social Distortion

She's a Knockout -Social Distortion

House Wrecking Party -Special Forces

Boxcar -Stairwell

Bring On The Nubiles -Stranglers

Nice 'N' Sleazy -Stranglers

(Get A) Grip (On Yourself) -Stranglers

Golden Brown -Stranglers

No More Heroes -Stranglers

Hanging Around -Stranglers

Skin Deep -Stranglers

Slave To My Dick -Subhumans

Susan -Subhumans

Day the Country Died -Subhumans

Mickey Mouse is Dead -Subhumans

Til the Pigs Come Around -Subhumans

1983 Teenage Car Crash -Subincision

Remnant -Subincision

Witch -Subincision

When You Went Away -Subincision

Take It Away -Subincision

Kill The Principal -Subincision

Shelly's Song -Subincision

Ain't Got No One -Subincision

Theater Girl - Subincision

Infidel Fight Song -Subincision

Endless Summer Of Our Love Together -Subincision

Frustration -Subincision

Fan -Subincision

You Get The Shot -Subincision

Yamahog -Subincision

Alien Head Babies -Subincision

Speed For Nico -Subincision

Wendy's Last Words -Subincision

Army Life -Subincision

Kerouac - Subincision

Life Sucks -Subincision

No Molesta -Subincision

12 Pack Girlfriend -Subincision

Trashman -Subincision

Anti-Bark Device -Subincision

Drinkin' Barcardi -Subincision

Backwoods Incest Farm -Subincision

Holocaust -Subincision

gidget goes to hell -Suburban lawns

Puzzle Pieces -Tiger Trap

Supercrush -Tiger Trap

Chester -Tiger Trap

Prettiest Boy -Tiger Trap

Carrie's Song -Tiger Trap

supreme nothing - Tiger Trap

For Sure -Tiger Trap

Tore A Hole -Tiger Trap

Libel -Tilt

Leanin' Like A Barn -Tilt

'Til It Kills -Tilt

Lips Tits Hips -Tilt

Berkeley Pier -Tilt

Hero Marauder -Tilt

Partial Birth -Tilt

Collect ¥Em All -Tilt

Molly Coddled -Tilt

Crying Jag -Tilt

White Homes -Tilt

Dead Bum -Tilt

Animated Corpse -Tilt

Raise Your Pint -United Blood

California Uber Alles - Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy

Punk-A-Rama -Venus And The Razorblades

American Band -Verbal Abuse

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting -Verbal Abuse

Weird World -The Weirdos

We Got The Neutron Bomb -The Weirdos

Solitary Confinement -The Weirdos

Los Angeles -X

She's A Rebel -Green Day

Extraordinary Girl -Green Day

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams -Green Day

Basket Case -Green Day

Welcome to Paradise - Green Day

Christie Road -Green Day

2000 Light Years Away -Green Day

Welcome To Paradise - Green Day

Words I Might Have Ate -Green Day

My Generation -Green Day

Time of Your Life -Green Day

American Idiot -Green Day

I Fought The Law -Green Day

Sweet Home Alabama (punk cover live) -Green Day

Sex -Berlin

Cramp Stomp -The Cramps

Burn She-Devil, Burn -The Cramps

Peter Gunn -The Cramps

Dames, Booze, Chains And Boot -The Cramps

Eyeball In My Martini -The Cramps

God Damn Rock & Roll -The Cramps

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns -The Cramps

Mama Oo Pow Pow -The Cramps

Jailhouse Rock -The Cramps