Hard Rock

You Shook Me All Night Long - ACDC

I Am the Highway -Audioslave

Machine Head -Bush

Pour Some sugar on me -Def Leppard

The Prince -Diamond Head

Am I Evil -Diamond Head

Blitzkrieg -Diamond Head

Helpless - Diamond Head

Four Walls -Early Man

War Eagle -Early Man

Thrill Of The Kill -Early Man

Evil Is -Early Man

The Undertaker Is Calling You -Early Man

Fight -Early Man

November Rain -Guns 'n' Roses

Sweet Child 'O' Mine -Guns 'n' Roses

Like a Virgin -Marilyn Manson

No Remorse -Metallica

Kill Em #190E42 -Metallica

kill the wabbit -Metallica

Master of Puppets. -Metallica

more human than human [remix] -Nine Inch Nails

The Hand That Feeds -Nine Inch Nails

with teeth - 15 - bonus track (Angel) -Nine Inch Nails

Sadness {violent Mix} -Nine Inch Nails & Enigma -

Dreamer -Ozzy Osbourne

Make It Real -Scorpions

No One Like You -Scorpions

Can't Live Without You 3:46 Scorpions

Dark Lady -Scorpions

Backstage Queen -Scorpions

Animal Magnetism -Scorpions

Falling in Love -Scorpions

Dominion -Sisters of Mercy

Emma -Sisters Of Mercy

Vermilion -Slipknot

Home -Three Days Grace

Obolus -Thrones

Jet Black#203620 -Thursday

Headstrong -Trapt

I Wanna Rock -Twisted Sister

Little Dreamer -Van Halen

Last -High on Fire

Devilution -High On Fire

The Face Of Oblivion -High On Fire

Brothers In The Wind -High On Fire

Cometh Down Hessian -High On Fire

Corpsecry - Angelfall-Sigh