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I've been volunteering at radio station KALX in Berkeley, CA since February of 1993. I work as a D.J., and I also handle ticket giveaways for the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco. My radio shows are mostly two and a half to three hour music shows.

People always ask me what kind of music I play on my show, and I never really know how to answer that. Saying that I play almost everything sounds like a cop out, but that¹s really the easiest way to describe it. One fellow D.J. once said he counted eleven different music genres in one of my shows, and I'm sure I've played even more than that. My favorite things to play are vintage jazz and blues, latin, 60s garage, rockabilly, older country music, ska and/or reggae, plus a little punk and new wave. But I also play 60s and 70s soul and funk, rap, techno, 50s R&B, psychedelia, bluegrass, cajun/zydeco, children's music and occasionally some classical or spoken word. Usually the music I play is stuff you can sing along and/or dance to. My music is not meant to be intellectualized or analyzed; it¹s meant to put people in a good mood, more or less.

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